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Aerial Floor Systems consist of double, structural angles acting in tension with reinforcing bars used for diagonal web members acting in shear. Designed to meet compressive forces from negative moments, all components are welded together and embedded with a longitudinal member into a reinforced concrete slab. All of our materials exceed the standards and specifications for local and national codes.


Aerial Floors are specifically designed to the smallest detail, allowing for precise adjustment and fine-tuning once installed on steel and/or concrete structures. The Aerial Steel trusses provide ample space for the easy installation of ventilation ducts, electrical, plumbing lines, and ceiling attachments. While openings in any slab can be pre-cast at our factory, the depth selected in the design can conform to what is required by the designer.


  • Fabricated in widths of up to 8ft. and lengths of up to 40ft.
  • Our floor depths are between 12″-24″ depending on your needs, with steel bar joists embedded into 3″ concrete panels (depth of joists may vary), and poured into slightly cambered molds at 5000psi containing embedded 6″x6″ welded wire mesh
  • Once transported to the site, the units are placed at 3″ on top of the tie, bond, or steel beams of the structure, precisely adjusted, and welded together at the ends
  • The remaining joints are then grouted

” The right way to build in Florida. “