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For Customers

  • No termites
  • Exceptional sound proofing
  • Lower insurance rates due to 2 hour UL fire rating
  • Engineer certified Materials & Services
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

For Architects

  • In-house engineering team
  • In-house drafting (shop drawings)
  • CAD details supplied
  • Original designs or edit existing drawings
  • Systems approved and installed throughout South Florida


For Builders

  • Accelerated rate of Multi-housing projects (pre-molded)
  • Accelerated rate of construction (average installation time for a 1600sf home: 6-8 hours)
  • Excellent resistance to Hurricanes
  • Designed to sustain up to 200mph winds
  • Window openings are precast into the system and ready for window installation

” The right way to build in Florida. “