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Filigree is essentially precast formwork in conjunction with traditional pour in place, with the advantage of adding void material to reduce loads and add insulation. Other benefits: no stripping of formwork, reduced shoring, and cost and time savings.

Product Description

The APC/ Filigree Composite Concrete Deck System has been Fire Tested and Rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL):

The Filigree Wide-Slab System fire resistance testing confirmed its capability to sustain an over-four hour fire test, maintaining its full integrity and load capacity, without any signs of delamination. (See UL Test of the Filigree deck).

APC/ Filigree Eliminates Field Forming and Reduces Shoring Requirements.

APC/ Filigree is Easy to Use:

All work is done in a traditional manner, familiar to all trades.

APC/ Filigree resists Sound Transmission:

APC/ Filigree has great sound resistance for residential and institutional use.

APC/ Filigree Reduces the Volatility and Uncertainty of Construction Cost:

Filigree method of construction is less dependent on field labor and field labor productivity. It will substantially reduce the overall labor/material cost ratio.

APC/ Filigree Quality is Superior:

The final product is a combination of the most desirable properties inherent to poured in place and precast construction. In addition, Filigree Wide-Slabs are cast in polished steel molds, and will greatly enhance the appearance of any concrete structure.

APC/ Filigree Structures are Fire-Rated:

The system has fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours established through a full-scale fire resistance test at the Underwriter Laboratories.


APC/ Filigree is Economical:

Efficient use of the APC/ Filigree method reduces cost of concrete structures.

APC/ Filigree Reduces Labor:

The prefabrication technology in APC/ Filigree reduces the need for field skilled and unskilled trades. Although all trades are represented, fewer are needed for each task with a reduction in payroll needs and enhanced cash flow.

APC/ Filigree Saves Time:

Filigree structures go up fast. High installation rates of up to 5,000 sqft. per day week can be achieved.

APC/ Filigree is Environmentally Friendly:

Many trees are saved by the elimination of wood and plywood framing.

” The right way to build in Florida. “