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APC offers a complete support system and personalized service. A professional in-house team of designers and engineers provide a comprehensive advisory and design service to guide your project from concept to completion. You can rely on our experienced team to get the job done FAST, CLEAN, and EFFICIENTLY!



Utilizing materials of the highest quality, APC products are custom made by our highly skilled production specialists. Our pre-cast system is designed and fabricated on-site at our facilities according to each project’s unique specifications. The elements are manufactured under controlled plant conditions in coordination with the progress of the construction site, making the best use of valuable construction time.


Delivery and Installation

Once completed, the components are delivered to the construction site and installed by our experienced team. Our process, from design to installation, dramatically reduces on-site congestion and financing costs, while accelerating the overall progress of the project.



All materials and products exceed the standards and specifications required by local and national codes. At the conclusion of each job, an APC engineer conducts an in-depth inspection the work. Clients are then provided a letter of approval which they may choose to forward to the municipal building inspectors. Typically, projects require repeated inspections by municipal inspectors throughout the construction process. Aerial structures, like our composite floors, require only one municipal inspection in order to receive full and final approval, avoiding significant construction delays and lengthy downtimes.

” The right way to build in Florida. “